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Rhommel has an international career of more than fifteen years in roles that include but are not limited to DevOps engineering, site reliability engineering, and technical leadership in successful startups and mid-size enterprises.

He is an Engineering Manager at Cloudflare, leading the Edge SRE team responsible for the reliability and performance of the network in China.

Previously, he spearheaded Site Reliability Engineering at Apptio, one of the fastest-growing enterprise SaaS companies, leading and growing a high performant remote organisation of more than 40 engineers worldwide.

His achievements include development and execution of the strategy that led the migration of 70% of their customers to the cloud, transform their operational model to adopt Site Reliability practices across all product lines. He also influenced  executive leadership in the adoption of cascading goals to provide focus and direction to the whole company.

On his role, he was also part of the due diligence for M&A, providing assessments and guidance to the Senior leadership.

Rhommel’s work and leadership helped transform Apptio's culture and technology stack to accelerate product development reducing time to market for new features.

On this spare time, Rhommel is also an Angel Investor at Sydney Angels, empowering Australian founders who aspire to build great businesses in the SaaS and Healthcare spaces.
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